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Artist Statement


In my world of photographic art work the respective image is left with no rest. My approach of transforming the photos keeps them moving and my aim is to have the final result constitute an agent of movement in itself.


My different bodies of work are connected through the notion of storytelling. Messages incorporated – either explicitly by including short text phrases, or indirectly by applying layers of symbolic elements carrying messages. I rely on the observer’s curiosity to see and find out more. I would like to invite the observer to move into a space of personal recognition, while also providing a possible space for newfound perspectives.


By working with scopes of photo art series, various themes are addressed. Together, my series build sentences that jointly form an overall message. Themes are chosen out of an interest for what can be seen as both public and private matters for the individual. Commonly shared experiences are private at the core, but at the same time also societal and of public interest as they are broadly lived through by all – anonymity and exposure at the same time.


For the most part of my professional life, I have had the opportunity to engage in matters of human rights, equality and security issues on an international level, in various organizations and countries. The way I relate to the relevance of my artistic work all starts from experiences gained.


Whatever focus I choose in my photographic work, I strongly hold on to the desire of somehow contributing with challenging perceptions and perspectives. While my work today is directed toward fine art creations, I aim at further exploring possibilities to enhance an additional focus pertaining to documentary based photo projects. All with the view to, however grand it may sound, give voice to the experiences of individuals and shed light on matters relevant for the societal development at large.

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